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Weekly News and Events: May 12-19

Weekly News and Events: May 12-19


Pioneer Elementary School - Weekly News and Events

Week of:

May 15-19

Life Skill:

Flexibility – The ability to alter plans when necessary.







May 17: ELAC (English Learners Advisory Committee) meeting


Box top Store: After school in MPR

Kinder to First grade information night: 6:30 in Kindergarten classrooms


Box top Store: After school in MPR


May 26: Memorial Day Flag Ceremony


Pioneer Art Update:

We have been fortunate to begin a partnership with YoloArts this spring which has allowed our PTA art funding to bring art lessons, activities, and fieldtrips to all students.  I wanted to share about a couple of visible things around campus that have been the fruits of this relationship.

-Sixth graders have mounted ceramic butterflies in the Kindergarten courtyard area. This is part of the Dorothy Peterson Memorial garden project that was spearheaded by our own, Sheryl Yamamoto.  Next year sixth graders will also create a legacy project and add to this 3-dimensional art project.

-Third and Fifth graders have been doing “Tape Art” with resident artist Carrie Ziser.  Below is a brief explanation of this project:

The outdoor taping project gives young artists the opportunity to express themselves in a new way. The lesson prior to the taping day focused on the elements of art and principles of design. Line and color are the main art elements we worked with for this activity. You can tell which kids also considered principles of design (in particular unity, balance, and pattern) because their artwork is especially pleasing to the eye. 

Leading up to today the kids were introduced to environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy. Although his work is using naturally-derived materials, he also goes into an environment and alters it. When finished he takes photos and leaves the work to naturally change and degrade. We also discussed graffiti and street art, as well as how to express yourself publicly without damaging property.  

Although putting up tape murals is a far cry from these major art movements, it gives young artists a small taste of what that type of art involves. For example working with others to realize a big idea; releasing attachment to your work; understanding the risk that it may be destroyed; experiencing a public response- both positive or negative; as well as what it's like to cope with limitations like weather, location, noise level, etc.

Thank you Pioneer PTA for making these enriching experiences possible for our students!!


Dear Pioneer Families,

As we approach the end of the school year, I’m sure you are beginning to think of what class your student(s) will be in for the next school year – as are we.  I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the process by which our team creates classroom groupings.

The first step is that our team of teachers, specialists, and special education staff, collaborate to create balanced class groupings.  A variety of factors are considered to create class lists including:

-student academic, social, and behavioral strengths and challenges

-peer groupings

  -support services that classrooms require including reading, EL, and special education

Once these groups are created, the team and administration collaborate to assign these groups to a teacher at the next level.

Please note that assigning an individual child to a specific teacher is not a part of this process.  We believe that all students can thrive in every classrooms at Pioneer Elementary School.  It is our policy, as it is for all schools in Davis, to not accept or promise to honor parent requests for specific teachers.  As always, if you have any questions about this process, or any school-related concerns, please contact your teachers or administration for support.

Because, at times, adjustments need to be made over the summer due to changing enrollment and/or staffing classroom assignments will be shared with families at our registration event on August 21, 2017.